Wear And Go Water Wave Wig
Wear and Go wig Water Wave
Water wave wear and go
wear and go water wave wig
ready to go glueless human hair wig
precut wear and go human hair wig
water wave wear and go wig
Peluca con ondas de agua Wear And Go
wear and go water wave lace wig

Peluca con ondas de agua Wear And Go

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¿Busca una forma rápida y sencilla de realzar su belleza natural? No busques más que la peluca sin pegamento precortada y desgastable con ondas de agua de LongitudsRQ. Esta peluca está hecha de cabello humano 100% virgen y presenta una textura natural y despeinada que agrega volumen y dimensión a tu cabello.


  • Cabello humano 100% virgen
  • Textura natural y despeinada
  • Añade volumen y dimensión a tu cabello.
  • Fácil de usar y cuidar
  • Disponible en una variedad de tamaños y colores.


  • encaje de alta definición
  • Textura de onda de agua
  • Precortado/predesplumado
  • Sin pegamento
  • rayita natural
  • Banda elástica ajustable
  • Gorra de tamaño medio
  • 180% de densidad
  • Disponible en tamaños 13x4 y 6x4
  • Disponible en longitudes de 12 a 32 pulgadas
  • Se puede hacer permanente/decolorar
  • Apto para todos los colores de cabello.

¡Ordene hoy su peluca Water Wave Wear and Go/Pre-Cut Glueless y vea la diferencia que puede hacer en su apariencia!

Nuestra peluca Wear and go también está disponible en onda profunda y recta .

Save Hundreds, even Thousands of Dollars Per Year

Ditch the salon visits and save on pricey installation fees! Regular styling sessions can add up quickly and you can do without those sessions with our wear and go wig. Wear and go wigs offer instant style without the hassle of installation. Achieve the salon-quality look in minutes in the comfort of your own home.

Save Time

Spend more time enjoying your new look instead of wasting precious time installing and styling your wig. Wear And Go wigs are glueless and comes pre-cut and ready to wear.

That’s right! Unlike traditional wigs, wear and go wigs don't require the messy or time-consuming application process. You simply put it on and off your head, making them perfect for busy mornings or on-the-go styling.


Even if you've never worn a wig before, wear and go wigs are easy to use. There's no need to worry about learning complicated installation techniques or damaging your natural hair.

Easy to Install

Experience Tutorial-Free installation - a total game changer. 1, 2 3 Steps - Simple put on your wig, adjust the band to fit your head comfortably and securely, and you’re ready to go.


Wear your wig without the worries of adhesives irritating your sensitive skin and scalp.

No Gel, No Spray

Say goodbye to messy glues and sprays. Our lace wig brings you hassle-free beauty with a simpler and more enjoyable beauty routine—no fuss, just fabulous.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 40 reviews
Susie Dare

Absolutely amazing , legit just put straight on and go out!! Get one asap! Perfect for summer , no glue no nothing!!

Derrick Bahringer

I received the wig in 4 days!! The wig is just beautiful as in the photo I recommend!

Vernie Raynor

so the wig didn’t come with any combs and I don’t like that maybe at least two combs should be added or throw some in the box to just in case somebody wants to sew some in. Also the wig did bleach and dye beautifully, which is the one up for you guys. The strap is also great and that was a great idea. the 6 x 4 or 4 x 6 closure thing I don’t like it others may do but I don’t. Overall, this is a great wig. Only thing I would change would be the closure part and adding of the combs. even the knots being very small and bleaching nice.

Evangeline Monahan

I love this wig exactly like the picture❤️ thank you Lengths hair🫶🏽

Hertha Zulauf

Listen. I’m never buying another brand of wig besides LengthsRQ. This wig is full and beautiful. I love the length. And it was the easiest install I’ve ever done. I did add a little gots to be spray just for extra security but I didn’t use much at all. The lace melts so well. I’m just really in awe. Will be buying from this brand again and again and again.

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