4x4 Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig
Chocolate Brown 4x4 Closure Lace Wig | Straight | Chocolate Brown
Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig - Lengths By Rihze' Qire
Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig - Lengths By Rihze' Qire
Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig - Lengths By Rihze' Qire
Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig - Lengths By Rihze' Qire
Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig - Lengths By Rihze' Qire
4x4 Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig
4x4 Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig
4x4 Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig
4x4 Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig

4x4 Chocolate Brown Straight Lace Wig

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Indulge in the Elegance of our Luxurious Chocolate Brown Straight 4x4 Closure Lace Wig

Looking for a head-turning, glamorous look? Look no further than our LengthsRQ rich chocolate brown straight hair. This high-quality wig is crafted from ethically sourced hair and features a natural-looking hairline that effortlessly blends with your skin tone, ensuring a seamless and authentic appearance.

The straight hair texture adds a touch of sophistication and elegance, making it an ideal companion for any occasion, from everyday wear to special events.


  • Made with 100% Human Hair
  • Sports a Super Thin and Seamless Transparent Lace
  • Average Cap Size for a Comfortable Fit
  • Breathable Open-Back Design to Prevent Heat and Moisture Buildup
  • Adjustable Bands and Clips for a Secure Fit
  • Can Be Worn Glueless for a Hassle-Free Wear
  • Heat Resistant up to 180 degrees Celsius for Styling Flexibility

This versatile wig is your go-to for:

 Special Occasions: Steal the spotlight at events with its glamorous allure.

 Everyday Wear: Effortless style that effortlessly fits into your daily routine.

 Style Chameleons: Perfect for those who love switching up their look with ease.

 Comfortable Chic: Embrace both comfort and style, making a fashion statement effortlessly.

    Order your Chocolate Brown Straight 4x4 Closure Lace Wig today and dazzle with its elegance and allure!

    This hair is also available in Chocolate Brown Deep Wave

    Premium Feeling

    The soft texture and smooth drape of our human hair create a luxurious and pampering experience you can wear every day.

    Undetectable Natural Look

    Choose our high-quality human hair wigs that look and feel just like your own. No one will even guess it's a wig! Our premium human hair wigs are crafted to mimic the natural flow, texture, and shine of real hair, ensuring that your wig remains your best-kept secret.

    Natural Scalp Illusion

    Our wigs feature a realistic scalp illusion lace, creating a seamless transition between the wig and your natural hairline. Enjoy the confidence that comes with a flawless and undetectable parting.

    Lightweight and Breathable

    Forget the heavy, itchy wigs of the past. You can experience unparalleled comfort with our lightweight open-back design. Get wigs that are meticulously crafted to feel as light as air on your head, allowing you to wear them for extended periods without any discomfort.

    Effortless Maintenance 

    Embrace simplicity in your routine! Because our wigs require minimal maintenance, it allows you to spend less time on upkeep and more time enjoying your fabulous hairstyle. A quick brush or comb is all it takes to keep you looking impeccable.

    Perfect for Any Occasion

    Whether it's a workout, a night out, or a bad hair day, our wigs have you covered. Be ready for anything with instant hair perfection.

    Heat-Style Freedom

    You are given the opportunity to unleash your creativity with our human hair wigs that adapts to your styling desires. Our wigs can be styled with heat tools, giving you the freedom to change your look effortlessly. From sleek and straight to loose wave, tight curls, or bouncy curls.

    No Commitment, Endless Style

    Change your hair as often as you change your mood! Our wig collection gives you an opportunity to go from sleek and sophisticated to edgy and bold, all with the same wig.

    You have the chance to experiment with trendy cuts, texture transformation, vibrant colors, and even outlandish styles without the long-term commitment.

    Tangle-Free Maneuverability

    Are you longing for a hassle-free styling with no knots and tangles? Our wigs boast a tangle-resistant design, minimizing the time and effort needed for maintenance. Glide your fingers through your wig effortlessly, reveling in the smooth and silky feel.

    Durability and Longevity

    With proper care, human hair wigs can last for years, making them a worthwhile investment compared to synthetic options.

    Confidence Booster

    The natural appearance and styling flexibility of our human hair wigs will provide a significant boost in confidence and self-expression.

    Achieve the volume you desire!

    Our wigs boast a luxurious thickness that adds body and bounce to your hair, allowing you to exude confidence and charisma wherever you go.

    Non-Irritant, Hypoallergenic Materials

    Prioritize your comfort and well-being! Our wigs are crafted from hypoallergenic materials that are gentle on the scalp, ensuring a comfortable and irritation-free experience for even the most sensitive skin.

    Confidential Consultation Services

    Your journey to beauty starts with us! Benefit from personalized wig consultations with our expert stylists, ensuring you find the perfect wig that complements your features and style preferences.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 100 reviews
    Bulah Cummerata

    10/10 wig real thick and it just eats 😍😍😍 ig:kaliyahrenaee💋

    Malcolm Beatty

    I bought this for a friend who's doing chemo and I'm in love, think I'm gonna buy one for me later. The colour is beautiful, it's a brown copper, already comes pre plucked with baby hairs very natural. Also no fallout when I washed and bleached the knots. Natural dry it's wavy but it easily straightens. I don't have any install pics cause my friend is very shy.

    🇧🇷Comentário real do Brasil 🇧🇷
    Ameeei essa lace, comprei pra uma amiga que está fazendo quimioterapia e ela amou. É um tom lindo de castanho acobreado, já vem com baby hair bem natural. Descolori os nós, fiz chapinha etc e nem caiu cabelo. Ele fica ondulado ao natural mas alisa fácil com chapinha, gostei da versatilidade.
    Sem fotos dela arrumadinha porque foi pra minha amiga e ela tem vergonha.

    Ashly Harris

    Beautiful colour, texture of the hair is amazing. Efficient delivery. Cherry on top is a melting belt, lashes and wig cap

    Sheila Purdy

    This hair arrived very quickly. I love that the knots are tiny and the lace is thin. The hair feels very soft and I love the color. I can’t wait to install it. I will update once I have it installed.

    Isom Weissnat

    Peluca muy bonita, suave, el color es perfecto, la entrega fue muy rápida y el vendedor se comunica bien, lo recomiendo

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